™️AI-Powered Marketplace

Concept Overview

At IguVerse, we are excited to introduce our upcoming AI-powered marketplace, which has been built on top of the base layer of our app. This marketplace will have a dual function, providing users with the tools to create NFTs and NFT collections with the help of AI, as well as offering them the opportunity to promote their collections through our decentralized ad network.

To create an NFT, users will have access to a chat interface based on ChatGPT, which will guide them in engineering the appropriate prompt that reflects their input in the most suitable way. The StableDiffusion model will then generate the NFT based on this input, and our original model will identify objects in the generated image, allowing users to modify individual items in it. Users will then be able to create generative collections, with each NFT having a unique combination and variation of the selected items.

A notable function of our marketplace is its native promotion of NFT collections, enabling users to reach a wider audience than they would in traditional marketplaces. Leveraging the social task completed by hundreds of thousands of our app's users, they can now find buyers for their collections, which would have been difficult in the absence of this exposure.

The dual functionality of the marketplace caters to two distinct target audiences. Influencers without the tools to create NFT collections but who have an audience can now create one in just a few clicks. On the other hand, regular users can tap into their creativity and make art both inside and outside our app, utilizing our platform as a marketing vehicle for their collections.

The AI-powered marketplace will generate revenue for our project in the form of royalties and users' marketing expenses. We are committed to delivering an engaging experience to our users and look forward to their participation in our exciting new marketplace.

Key Features

The users of the marketplace will have access to the following functions:

  1. Connecting their wallet and managing their in-app marketplace account. Both third-party wallets and the IguVerse internal wallet will be supported. However, the IguVerse wallet will be seamlessly integrated.

  2. Users will have the ability to list their own collections and trade them in the marketplace.

  3. Individual NFTs & generative NFT collection creation with the help of AI. In order to create the NFTs, users will have access to two methods: an advanced creation engine powered by ChatGPT and a simlified form. The advance method of NFT creation will work as a Q&A session with the user, where ChatGPT will ask them probing questions in order to generate the best prompt possible for the given input.

  4. Users will be able to leverege the power of the decentralized ad network to promote their own NFT collections and find their target audience.

  5. The marketplace will give users the opportunity to trade all kinds of NFTs, including private community ticket collections, fan collections, charity collections and many more.

The IGUAI token will serve as a means of incentivizing the marketplace users, as well as providing its holders the right to claim a share of NFT trading royalties.

Early Adopter & IGUDAO Members Benefits

The early IguVerse NFT holders created in the gamified app will be eligible for the airdrop of exclusive NFTs minted by IguVerse or top matketplace contributors with the value of the original NFT in 1:1 ratio. Additionaly, all holders of the IGU token will receive a portion of the ad revenue generated by the decentralized ad network.

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