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Under Development

In recent years, traditional ads have become increasingly invasive, leaving people jaded and apathetic towards their messaging. Advertising tactics, such as television and context ads, as well as influencer marketing, no longer have the desired impact on audiences. Due to this, advertisers are looking for new ways to make their messages stand out. The most effective solution is word-of-mouth advertising. When real people discuss a product with their family, friends, and other trusted individuals, it can make a significant impact. Thousands of users, microbloggers, whose followers are engaged and closely follow their social media activity, have been found to be much more effective than bloggers with millions of followers. Building trust and avoiding invasive advertising is the key to creating native and reliable advertising. At our company, we believe that blockchain solutions, like establishing a decentralized ad network, are a perfect remedy for the current issues in advertising, and will be advantageous for both users and advertisers.

Onboarding one microblogger can be a challenge, but onboarding thousands of them is nearly impossible. However, we have found a solution that enables thousands of microbloggers to be onboarded without any additional expenses or cumbersome negotiations for advertisers. By building a decentralized ad network, the whole process becomes automatic and more manageable for everyone.

We have designed a gamified user experience that appeals to end-users, encouraging them to share advertising content due to the app's gamification elements and social nature. One of the key aspects of the user experience is the ability to empower users with AI tools that they can use to mint their own NFTs, allowing them to be creators of digital art. We believe that there is a high demand for a product that enables users to have a say in what their NFTs look like. Considering the current statistics of over 800k users in the app, the demand is real.

Advertisers will pay users directly for sharing their content by buying a certain number of IGUP tokens that will be distributed among users completing the advertising task. We use complex AI and peer-to-peer mechanisms to ensure that the task is completed correctly using the user's real account. Users will be assigned scores based on their value to advertisers, which will determine their share of the reward pool.

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